Hints to sell your home in the winter and why winter is a good time to sell.


I wanted to point out to home sellers that want to sell now but are waiting to spring that there is no need to do this. I have finished a video and then below the video is some winter selling tips. Enjoy!

  1. Keep snow and ice cleaned up. First of all you do not want a dangerous situation for a fall. Access for the buyer to see the outside of the house and like the summer it is working curb appeal.
  2. Warm the house. Do not cheap out on heat when the house is being shown. Keep the house warm for the buyer. A cold house will turn off a buyer. If you have a fireplace or airtight make sure that it is fired up!
  3. Take advantage natural light. Keeping the curtains closed in the winter helps save on heating cost but open them up during showings to let in natural light.
  4. Emphasise on winter positives. The road is always plowed when I go to work, the snowmobile trails are down the lake, there is driveway plowers in the area, etc.
  5. Use the season to your advantage. Decorate for the holidays but when they are over take them down. You still can us winter wreaths and arrangements around the door. Anything seasonally appropriate is fun!
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