Flashback 1991: Zebra Mussels

Published on 30 Aug 2012

It was about 20 years ago now that Zebra Mussels first appeared in the great lakes, brought here in the bilge tanks of ocean going vessels. By the early 90’s it had become a serious problem prompting this CHEX report out of Durham Region by Dale Jackson.

Some two decades since it’s introduction, the zebra mussel continues to make itself felt throughout Ontario, scientists saying it’s presence is likely contributing to beach closings, the widespread deaths of migratory birds, and the slow starvation familiar fish. A very recent study estimates that invasive species including Zebra Mussels extract an economic toll of hundreds of millions of dollars in areas surrounding the great lakes. While the Ministry of Natural Resources admits that eradication of the species is not an option it has allocated fifteen million dollars for the establishment of an “Invasive Species Management Centre” in Sault Ste. Marie in an effort to contain the situation and mitigate damage to the provinces waters and fishery.

Source Chex Newswatch

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