April 2014 Selwyn (Smith Ennismore Lakefield) Real Estate Statistic Report


It is here. Really! Spring is here and look, it is the spring real estate market! I know I am a month  behind on my numbers. Must are, and not only in Real Estate, all industries. Who says weather has no impact on us Canadians. As always, my job, even if you are not in the Real Estate market is to keep you informed.  Lets look at some numbers:

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Market specific numbers

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Area                        April  2014 Listings            April 2014 Sales           April 2013 Listings              April 2013 Sales

Ennismore/Emily                  34                                        6                                   52                                         8

Smith                                     35                                       13                                  38                                      15

Peterborough                         163                                   107                                    158                                  111

·     Total # of new listings -20%

·     Total # of listings YTD -12%

·     Total # of sales in April -11%

·     Total # of sales YTD –8%

If you have any questions, or if you would like to see how all these numbers effect the value of your real estate, give me a call and I will help you out!

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