Water Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation

The Water Tanker Shuttle Service test is administered by Fire Protection Survey Services staff. To achieve the accreditation the Fire Department must be able to:

  • Within 5 minutes of the first apparatus (pumper) arriving on the fire scene (test site), be flowing a minimum of 200 gallons per minute of water and
  • Maintain the flow uninterrupted for two hours

The test site must be within 8km of a fire station and must be at least 5km from the location where the tankers are reloaded.
As a result of successfully completing the test, the Township of Selwyn Fire Department was given the following rating:

  • “Water Tanker Shuttle” listing for Residential properties
  • “Water Tanker Shuttle” listing for Commercial properties
  • We achieved 2295 liters/minute (505 GPM)
Homes within 8km and Commercial properties within 5 km of any of our fire halls have the opportunity for a reduction in insurance premiums. Residents must check with their insurance company as some do not recognize the superior tanker shuttle certification.
  • Bridgenorth F.S. #1 – 833 Ward St.  
  • Lakefield F.S. #2 – 45 Concession St.   
  • Young’s Point F.S. #3 – 2738 Fitzpatrick Rd.   
  • Curve Lake F.S. #4 – 1964 Curve Lake Rd.  
  • Ennismore F.S. #5 – 801 Tara Rd.  

Successfully completing the test, regardless of the potential impact on insurance rates, indicates that the Township of Selwyn Fire Department demonstrated an ability to effectively transport water to fire scenes throughout our community.
Check the www.fpss.ca web site for our listing under tanker shuttle list.
A copy of the accreditation is available here: Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation Certificate – Passed July 5, 2014

If you require further information or assistance please contact the fire department
Gord Jopling, Fire ChiefTel: 705-292-7282

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