Local headlines and stories: Trent Lakes Firefighters, UFC 217, Top 5 tips to sell your home fall/winter, Omemee medical centre

Donation: Trent Lakes Firefighter Association (This is an association of the firefighters that has been created by the firefighters that has nothing to do with the township or management) donates $3339 to Camp Bucko from fund raising efforts on their own time. Camp Bucko (BUrn Camp for Kids in Ontario) is a camp dedicated to kids between the age of 7 to 17 who are burn survivors. The kids pay nothing to attend this camp so it solely depends on donations from great groups like the Trent Lakes Firefighter Association.

UFC 217: I can not remember the last time I sat down and watched a UFC event. As a group we use to get together once a month for the monthly UFC “event”. Then it seemed like there was a fight card every week and it stopped being an “event”. Well, Saturday night was an event and it was an event to remember. There was three championship fights on the card and all titles fell into the challengers hands including Canada’s own GSP. (George St.Pierre) This guy has been out of fighting for four years, comes back to the sport and snaps back a championship. How impressive is that??

Top 5 tips to selling your home in the Fall or Winter: I hear it all the time that spring is the best time to sell your home. I can’t disagree enough. To be honest if I was to sell my own properties I would list them for sale February 15th. I would do this as I know that the market is starving for new inventory at this point. I know my house outside does not look at its best but no ones house on the market at this time is looking at its best. This is when I would get the best return for my property.
Here is some tips if you are listing in the fall/winter:

  • Curb appeal still matters. If there is no snow the yard still needs to look maintained. Rake the leaves and clean up the lawn from any debris. Try having some hardy colourful plants to give some colour. If the snow has fallen keep the driveway, pathways and decks around the property clear of any  snow.
  • If outdoor can not look its best, make sure indoors is at its peak condition. Have the home systems in good working order and the house clean and ready to show.
  • More lights the better. I know we all hate paying Hydro One but for this one time it is for the best. Have your home as bright as possible. The days are dull usually and night comes quickly so have every light on to show your home to its full potential.
  • Too much holiday decor. It is perfectly fine to decorate your house for the holidays. To a point though. Your religion may differ from your buyers religion so going over the top maybe a turn off. Go ahead and decorate but remember not to cludder as well.
  • Be careful with cooking smells. It is not as easy to air out the house after cooking so if you are having a showing that day cooking fish may not be the best plan. Maybe an apple pie instead? 
Omemee Medical Centre: The Omemee Medical Centre is looking for volunteers to sit on their Board of Directiors. The commitment is four evenings per year. The Board’s efforts are to bring a Medical Centre to Omemee. Call Barry for more info 705-799-6901

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