Peterborough and Lindsay Stories and Headlines:Bridgenorth Service of Remembrance, Weather Advisory in Effect, Big Win for Leafs and Link for game in 6

Bridgenorth Service of Remembrance: Chemong Public School and a bus from St.Martin’s School came to the Service of Rememberance in Bridgenorth on Wednesday. The parade gathered at Chemong School and marched down Wilcox St to Ward St. Many organizations and groups joined the parade. Miss. Windrem (Chemong’s music teacher) lead her band to Students in the playing of O Canada and God Save The Queen. It was a well organized and well spoken ceremony. The community should be proud of the Rememberace given to our veterans. 

The Chemong Lake District Lions Club organized the event.   

Weather Advisory in Effect-Winter will arrive to our area today according to the Weather Network. Environment Canada even has a Weather Advisory in Effect.

Big Win for the Toronto Maple Leafs– Frederick Anderson was stellar last night as the Maple Leafs won over the Minnesota Wild 4-2. Anderson made 35 saves including a 4 bell save that created the play for the Leafs 3rd and go ahead goal. Scoring for the Leafs was Kadri, Marleau, Carrick and Brown. Here is the link for game in 6 minutes.

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