Today on BRADBLOG; Quote of the day, Prevent a carbon monoxide tragedy in your home, Beautiful Burleigh Falls


Quote of the day: It’s only cold in the winter if your’re standing still.


Prevent a tragedy in your home for under $100:

Every year Carbon Monoxide, which is a gas totally invisible to the senses, endangers thousands across the country. Carbon Monoxide (CO), has no taste, smell or colour. Also known as the silent killer, CO is produced typically from home heating systems. Common appliances that can emit CO is gas or oil hot water heaters, furnaces, dryers, bbqs, fireplaces and heaters. Being a volunteer firefighter I have seen houses fill up with CO from cars running in the garage and wind blowing down a chimney through a fireplace on a warm July day. I have also seen the side effects of CO which can be: headaches, nausea, dizziness, unconsciousness and the worst, death.

So how to prevent this from happening to you and the people you love. It is easy. Purchase and install a simple CO detector in every level of your home. Replace these detectors every 7 years. Easy. No excuses. I would also have your vents and chimneys cleaned and your appliances serviced yearly. No Excuses. Do this now.



Beautiful Burleigh Falls: Burleigh Falls is the tri boundaries of Trent Lakes, North Kawartha and Selwyn Township. The falls is a tourist stop because of its true natural beauty seen easily from Highway 28. The falls run from Lovesick Lake into Stoney Lake. The “falls” are more like a chute. Some kayakers brave the rapids in the summer when the water is a little more controllable volume. You will also find Lock 28 in Burleigh Falls. The dams at the falls are controlled by Trent Severn Waterway which is a Federal body.


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