Today on Selwyn Township PolarFest, 145 Towerhill Rd SOLD! Fire Picture!


Selwyn Township PolarFest: This festival is coming quickly. On Febuary 2, 3,and 4th. Events will be held throughout the township.  You can find the complete festival guide here.

A candle light skate will be held at the Ontario Speed Skating Oval in Lakefield. Sounds cool right? The oval will be lined with hundreds of candles. (Lakefield Fire Department might need to be on stand by!) Check that out on Saturday from 6pm to 9PM!


145 Towerhill SOLD: Today we received four offers on this property which is a 2 bedroom semi-detached dwelling. We listed the property for $249,900. Offers were brought from 4 major brokerages in Peterborough. Why is this important to you? It is what I bring to the table with this example. This seller:

  1. Sold their property for $30,000 over asking
  2. Saved $3500 plus HST in commission
  3. Sold using MLS,  my systems, website and social media
  4. Proving that you can pay less with Brad Sinclair, get the results you are looking for, for less despite the small Brokerage

What I say is what you can do and offer, I can do better!

Fire Picture: I took this picture that turned out fantastic. It never stops my amazement the quality of pictures you can take with an IPhone!



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Written for you by:

Your local Realtor®

Brad Sinclair, Sales Representative

Flat Rate Realty

The HOUSESOLD name for buying and selling real estate in Peterborough and local waterfront!

Thanks for reading Bill!

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