Today on Introducing a new waterfront website!, Views from above featuring East City, Otonabee River, Little Lake and Major Downtown Buildings.

Introducing a brand new website! I have created a new website to service the needs of people looking to sell their waterfront property or to purchase a waterfront home/cottage. I love selling real estate but nothing is more fun then waterfront real estate.

Getting the chance to spend time at these properties is always a great day. When I am not working I am back on the water anyway! Check out the new site


Views from above featuring East City, Otonabee River, Little Lake and Major Downtown Buildings.

Looking South-West from the “Point” in East City you will see the Trans Canada Trail and Rail Bridge. The large 3 story building in the middle of the picture is the Holiday Inn.


Below photos you are looking north from the “Point”. In the centre of the picture is Quaker Oats Canada.


To the immediate West you will see the MNR building (green)


A little lower to the ground I took some shots of Rogers Cove and Mark Street Boat Launch into Little Lake.

Check out the video which is a 360 degree shot of the whole area including:

East City Point, Otonabee River, MNR building, Little Lake and Downtown Peterborough


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Thanks for reading Bill!

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