Final Thoughts on a touchy subject. O Canada

I swatted a hornets nest yesterday when I posted on Facebook that I was not happy with the changes to O Canada and to be honest I was insulted that there was a change in the first place.

Many supported my thoughts and feelings. We thought O Canada was a terrific anthem that represented Canadian’s past, present and future. I am trying to be as fair as possible to all sides of the argument. That said my feelings are still the same, the change should not have been made.

The timing of the release of parliament singing the new version of O Canada could not be worse. Days after PM Trudeau corrected a speaker at one of his townhall meetings for saying “mankind” to “peoplekind”, Canadian’s heard the new version of O Canada being sung with the new lyrics removing “in all thy sons command” and inserting “in all of us command”.

I have been singing this anthem for my whole life one way. To me it is sacred. It brings me pride of my nation. Is that not what it is there for? I know the lyrics have been changed before in 1914. But the change was for honour and pride, not political correctness. That is the root cause for anger in Canada. It seems our national anthem has been changed to satisfy the people who think we should say “peoplekind” not “mankind”. That is not right.

I have been accused by some that say I do not believe in equality. To that I call bullshit. I have two daughters that I want to have every advantage as my son. That said I will raise my daughters to be strong women and I will raise my son to be a strong man. Having equality does not mean women need to be men. My daughter’s will not be so soft that when they hear terms like “mankind”, or when they play hockey “man advantage” they will not be insulted. These terms will not bring them down.

I will fully admit that I do not understand the issues women have had or what it is like being a women. I am not a women of the past or present. I have not felt their pain. That said its is not like man has felt no pain either. Again we are all “human” or “Huperson”. We all have our battles in life. Equally.

It is not my idea to keep women oppressed. That said it is not fair to me to take away from me to give to you. Or the other way around. So, how it works is majority wins. And I believe the majority did not want changes to the anthem.

Brad Sinclair

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