Is winter taking a break or it’s last breath?

Before Eels Creek (Feb 16/2018)


IMG_5212.jpgAfter Eels Creek (Feb 24/2018)


The last of winter? -The snow is gone, ice is deteriorating. The ongoing rainfall and melting has increased water volumes entering the waterways.  A dangerous time for curious little ones. I don’t know what it is with running water but it is an extreme draw. My kids have been preached at over and over again about the running water dangers but a close eye is still kept when they are outside.

IMG_0527.jpgCauseway North Boat Ramp into Chemong Lake

IMG_0528.jpgChemong Ice Road from Ennismore to Curve Lake

IMG_0530.jpgLooking East up the James A Gifford Causeway from the Ennismore side

IMG_0531.jpgTindle Bay opening up Chemong Lake

IMG_0532.jpgWater running off the fields into the lake


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