Wrapping up winter with Spring. What the snow and ice conditions look like north of Peterborough

Just north of Peterborough, in the township of North Kawartha I took to the road to scout out the ice and snow conditions in the area. I have seen a lot of snowmobiles on trailers and trucks in the area so I thought I would check out the conditions of Eels Creek, Long Lake and Long Lake Road.

Eels Creek is low and I am hoping it stays that way. If you look at picture 3 you will see the ice shelf that is normal height. Usually at this time of year it is 3-4 feet higher then the normal height.




Long Lake Ice seems solid and still well traveled. No signs of stress at all.


Water courses in the bush are starting to move, especially in the swamps.


Still lots of snow in the bush but I am wondering compared to last year if the amount is even close. Should be much more. Is dryness and wildfires going to be a problem this year? Time will tell.


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