House on the market for awhile? This is where you maybe going wrong.

Real Estate Advice:
Your home on the market for over 4 weeks? If so, it’s time to do something about it.
The winter season might traditionally be a slow time of year for the property market, as buyer inquiries tend to slow down, but that might not be the only reason your home hasn’t been snapped up yet. Plus, our spring market is here!
Here is a few tips to help you get the SOLD sign up.
Research shows seven seconds is all it takes to make a lasting first impression.
Is your Christmas decorations down? Is your MLS® picture up to date with the season? Snow is now gone so should that picture! Gravel should be raked off the lawn.  Is the entrance of the house bright, cheery and also clean? Leave a big mat for boots. Spring is a messy time of year.
How are you marketing your home?
If you’re only advertising through one media source, then you’re probably not exposing the property to a big enough market.
Make sure it has a presence online, through all forms of social media, and in print.
Ask yourself if you’re asking too much for the property. If your expectation is out of line with the market, it’s less likely to attract a buyer.
The data shows that the longer a property sits on the market, the less the market thinks it’s worth the price.
“If a buyer turns up (to an inspection) and the agent has had the property sitting on the market for months, you’ll have a totally different opinion of the property, compared to if it was its first day on the market.”
Your real estate agent could be holding you back. If you don’t think they’re working for you, meet with them and get things back on track.
Your property needs to be available to a buyer when they want to inspect it as real estate is an ‘after hours’ business.
This can be hugely dispiriting, especially for people with young kids, but it’s a case of short term pain to avoid a long time on the market.
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Flat Rate Realty
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