Old man winter giving us one last blast? 6 tips on keeping your basement dry!


With the wet rain and wet snow, the ground is saturated with water and frost. What does this mean for your basement? It is in danger of flooding. How do you prevent this from happening?

  1. The first thing I did this morning is clear my tile drain end to make sure water had a smooth exit. My house does not have a sump pump so the tiles are gravity drain. This brings my next point:
  2. Check your sump pump for proper operation
    • Confirm it’s plugged in and working properly.
    • Check for any frozen lines that need to be thawed.
    • Consider an extra length of hose to increase the distance at which it discharges away from your foundation.
    • Consider, if your sump pump drains to the surface, the discharge point may be buried under snow and ice. Uncover it and clear a path so the water drains away from your foundation. Otherwise, water may recycle back into your basement.
  3. Check your downspouts. Are they on? Are clear of snow and ice so water can route away from the foundation? I see more basements flood because the downspouts drain right at the house. Move the water away!
  4. Check that ditch culverts are clear and water is moving.
  5. If you know that a catch basin on your street is covered in snow and ice, clear it. This will help make sure that snow melt and rainwater can enter the storm sewer and promotes good drainage away from your neighbourhood.
  6. Clear the snow away from your foundation. 5 feet would be perfect.


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