Earth Day is April 22. What is Earth Day?

ee329-img_7911On April 22nd every year since 1970 Earth day is celebrated as a world wide event to show support for the protection of the environment. Earth Day  celebration is used to bring attention to a large number of issues challenging our environment including pollution, debris and garbage, climate change, energy conservation and the depletion of the Earth’s Natural Resources.

There is many way to celebrate Earth Day. You can plant a tree, clean your community of litter in parks, ride your bike instead of taking the car, take your own bags when you go shopping, teach your kids the meaning of Earth day to you!

With our kids this year we will concentrate our efforts on teaching the 3 R’s. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I know the school is pushing the 3 R’s as well but we can reinforce it at home. What will you do to celebrate Earth Day this year?


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