Finally a NICE weather weekend in cottage county, My first appearance on the “Regulars” 90.5 Peterborough’s Talk Radio


My First visit with Jordan Mercier!

I was invited to spend some time today with Host Jordan Mercier on the “Regulars”. This was my first opportunity to be on “talk radio” but my wife thinks I should be an expert as I been listening to talk radio as far back as Bill Carol on AM 640 in the late 90s.

Jordan is a very nice guy that loves his Leafs. Graham Elliott, another host takes his love of the Leafs to a new level. Graham was spitting fire when I came in. I think that Rick Elliot cranks him a little as Rick is a Boston Fan. Go leafs Go

It was a blast to talk on the radio about Leaf talk. We moved to some Real Estate chat then some community news. At first I was nervous as I had no idea what to expect. Hopefully I did not ramble. As the conversation was wrapping up I was just getting comfortable.

I will have another opportunity to try it again and I can’t wait!

Thank you to Jordan Mercier and Kevin O’Callaghan!

What a Weather Weekend!

It was a long time coming and the Sinclair family took full advantage of the nice weather to have a visit to downtown Bancroft. Bancroft offers some nice little shops. A must stop for the kids is Ashlie’s Book Store. You will find a great selection of books, area maps, art supplies and other fun activities.

DQ is also a good stop for a Blizzard on such a nice day. Take a stroll over to Price Ford to check out some trucks then Stedmans to find some treasures.

The swing was fully exposed for the first time of the year! The girls took full advantage.

Eels Creek is starting to see some water flow. It was scary low for most of April.

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