BRADBLOG.CA-After storm erosion on the Gannon Narrows Bridge and James A Gifford Causeway, Lakefield Farmers Market Finds, Lobsterfest and Ptbo County Enviroment Days


As some of you can remember about a month ago we had a terrific wind storm that caused damage to many roofs in the area. What also got damaged was our bridges over Pigeon/Buckhorn Lakes and Chemong Lake.


Gannon’s Narrows Bridge. Some Guard Rail post have eroded to the bottom of the post


The James A. Gifford Causeway has suffered the same damage on sections of the causeway. I looked in the water to see where the rocks fell. I could not see any. Not sure how far they were carried.


Lakefield Farmers Market

We attended the Lakefield Farmers Market today. The market is small but selections and finds were large. We purchased jams, lettuce, plants and most exciting products from Hard Winter Bread Company. (Cookies, carrot cake and wood fired granola). This market is worth the visit!


Lakefield and District Lions Club Lobster Dinner

There is still some tickets to the popular Lakefield Lobsterfest held on June 2nd at the Lakefield fairgrounds. Tickets are $65 each and include a full lobster dinner. If you would like tickets call 705-652-0639 to purchase.

Peterborough County Enviroment Days!

On Tuesday May 29th at the Selwyn Township Landfill the County is holding an event that will see items being collected for unusual recycling. These items include:

  • Hard Plastics
  • Media items
  • Child Car Seats
  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Styrofoam
  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Textiles
  • Document Shredding

For more information go to Peterborough and Selwyn info page here.

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